31 December 09

T is walking ahead on the dark, thickly tree-lined street, which seems to go on straight endlessly into the night, the street lamps high up half-smothered in heavy leaves, and I am following on a bicycle, stopping and going - distracted, looking in at restaurants clustered at corners, flitting here and there - and I have left my bike standing somewhere back there when I realize that T, while talking about some eatery of interest up the road, has gone far ahead, bag swinging at his side, but the distance is deceptive on this long street, and when I run back to my bike and pedal faster to try to catch up, then I am all the way to the end of the street, a wide and deep valley suddenly spreads ahead out into the darkness and what was the endless straightaway now drops curving down, and I am unsure then, waking myself into the cold musty room.
Wondering where he went, vaguely sad. It's all the fault of my dillydallying.
The night's barely begun, drift back in.