23 December 09

A call from my friend G, saying he's in hospital with some condition, and the drug they gave him is making him feel even more out of sorts than he was already.
Then I'm chatting with the doctor, at a sort of farmer's market, and it turns out that the fellow grows the stuff himself, I forget the name, but he says, actually it's what you'd normally call a drug, see, it's actually a kind of carrot. And he shows me it, a cross-section chunk of a really fat, reddish-orange carrot, almost two inches in diameter. In the dim light, under the white canvas canopy, this is a special carrot, the man explains, and it should make you feel very good, but you've got to know how to use it. If you eat it when you're in the wrong state, it'll just make things worse. We agree, it's good the government hasn't heard about it yet, but maybe it's only a matter of time, and we share a bitter smile. I think about my friend G, and realize that he's depressive and that he probably needed some guidance or just a healthy and convivial atmosphere in order to be taken in the right direction.
The scene alters slightly, a dungy outback crashpad, various folks hovering around an old sink in a vinyl siding-roofed kitchen overlooking endless greenery, and I'm talking to the lightly bearded fellow who's trying to get the water going or something, and in my mind he is that farmer-doctor, who has inspired me to say:
That means that all true life is anarchy!
which I repeat earnestly,
All true life is anarchy!

And on waking, my son asks me what dream I saw, and I tell him the above, and that as I was waking up, everything was transfered to me standing at a microphone, giving King Obama a hard time:
You said when you accepted the Peace Prize, even acknowledging the irony, that the War will not be finished in our lifetimes, and I was stunned. Because all true life is anarchy!

Well, I didn't explain all that to my son, only that the government doesn't like things like those carrots. What's government, he asks, and I say, well you know the king, right, well there's a lot of selfish kings, and they want to keep all the good things for themselves.